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One, Exclusive, and Unique — Jesus! June 29, 2008

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In teaching Sunday School this morning I spent a lot of time “building the front porch” and didn’t get to spend as much time “building the house” as I wanted to. So, I’ll build a little on the main house now.

If you are not familiar with John 14:1-14, go back and re-read it.

Why were the disciples troubled?

Something was up and they could just sense it. There was tension in the air. Their lives were about to be turned upside down and they couldn‘t yet comprehend it. We have felt that way before, right?

Jesus was trying to explain things to them by trying to help them see the big picture. If Jesus were successful at that, then His disciples would be better equipped to face the days that were just ahead.

He was also trying to provide a measure of comfort to them. Jesus promised to go and prepare a place for those who follow Him. The most encouraging promise here is that those who do trust Him and follow Him will spend eternity with him in Heaven.

The symbolism here was not lost on the disciples. They were all Jewish males and they understood the reference. Jesus was using the words that young Jewish males would recite to their fiances. They would commit their love and life to their future bride and then they would leave them with their family and the man would return to his own home. Once home he would beging to build an addition on to his dad’s house. He would build a couple of rooms on to his parent’s home. As soon as they were built he would go back to his fiances house and get her. He would bring her back to be with him.

Now do Jesus’ words make more sense?

Does that alone make today’s problems disappear? — Of course not. But it does help us keep the very finite nature of our problems and circumstances in the perspective of eternity with Jesus. They become strangely smaller in that light and context. A line from an old hymn says, “ . . . and the things of this world will grow stangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.”

Now here comes our “Narrowminded Alert!”

For some folks, what Jesus says in verse 6 is one of the most difficult truths to accept. Jesus’s statement is even harder to accept in today’s society. He says that there is no other way to His Heavenly Father but through Him. What an exclusive and narrow statement! That flies in the face of our multi-cultural, open, inclusive and politically correct society.

That statement completely eliminates any faith that is not built on Jesus Christ. It shoots down the theory that we can get to heaven if we are “good enough.” It says that being better than __________ (fill in the blank) isn’t good enough in light of God’s requirement that we be holy as He is holy as seen in Leviticus 11:45 and 1 Peter 1:16. It says that I won’t make it based upon my geography or genealogy. There is only one way to God.

Thomas asks a question like we would ask. So, how do we have a relationship and know the Father? What does a relationship-based faith look like?

It means we discover God’s Son, Jesus by spending time with Him and reading His Word. Philip speaks up and says, “Well, show us God and we’ll get it this time.” Jesus’ response pierces right to the heart of the matter. “Have I been with you so long, and yet you have not known me, Philip?”

What if Jesus asked that question of you.

Jesus claims something extreme. He does not claim to be a great theologian, a top theologian, or even the supreme Theologian, but rather He claims to be the ONLY Theologian. He says, “No one really knows the Father except the Son.” Again, He doesn’t say “No one really knows the Father like the Son” or even “just like the Son.” His words are precise and purposeful. “No one really knows the Father except the Son”

Heaven’s door has one door and one key. And Jesus holds it.

But, He stands at the door of Heaven calling our name.



1. jel - July 5, 2008

hi there,
hopw ya had a great 4th!

thanks for the stopby, I was redoing the header on my blog, whenya stoped by,

as for your post , I’m reading a book, that is tell about Jesus trying to explain things to the disciples, the book is “UNLIMITING GOD” by Richard Blackby!
it is a very good boook,

hope all is well with your family!

2. jel - July 5, 2008

me again

there’s a new blogger in town, ya might like to read,


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