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8 Gig oughta be more than enough… March 30, 2008

Posted by Kevin in MP3 Player, Zune, ZunePass.

I finally bought myself an MP3 player. In typical fashion for me, I over-analyzed it and nearly did nothing at all. But, I talked to some Ipod bigots and they convinced me to give the Microsoft Zune a try. So, I bought the 8 gig version thinking that would be more than enough for me.

Well, then I bought a ZunePass and got unlimited downloading of songs and podcasts. Now I have more than 20 gig worth of old gospel songs and bunches of contemporary Christian songs that my daughter hopes will expand my mind. I also have downloaded soundtracks to musicals I was in nearly 30 years ago. Plus, I downloaded some classic rock and roll from my teen years (Ssshh, don’t tell my Mom and Dad about that last part)

Here is a little window into the world of my Zune.

Feel free to check out some of the stuff that I am listening to at http://social.zune.net/member/kjkb2tx2

I am probably the only guy you know with 33Miles, Cathedral Quartet, Electric Light Orchestra, Antonio Vivaldi, and the soundtrack from Annie Get Your Gun on the same Ipod or MP3 player! But that’s just me!

Currently I am listening to the following contemporary Christian artists:

Aaron Shust
Brian Littrell
Casting Crowns
Charity Von
Charlie Hall
Chris Tomlin
The Fray
Jadon Lavik
Jars of Clay
Jeremy Camp
Jeremy Riddle
Lincoln Brewster
Mat Kearney
Matt Redmon
Paul Baloche
Paul Colman
Robbie Seay Band
Sanctus Real
Shaun Groves
Third Day
Todd Agnew

So, what is on your MP3 player? What Christian music is on it? Is it old stuff? Is it new stuff? What are some of your favorites? I am open to your suggestions. After all, I have unlimited downloading with ZunePass! And I have come a long way from The Cathedral Quartet!


1. Libby :) - March 30, 2008

i’m the first to comment!!

as for the current state of my ipod, here it is:
– tons of dierks bentley (for obvious reasons! lol)
– trace adkins (country, good stuff!!)
– hillsong (lots of songs from chapel)
– george strait
– mike cowart
– todd agnew
– 33 miles
– jeremy camp
– rascal flatts (clearly!)
– shania twain
– skillet
– third day
– switchfoot
– craig morgan
– phil vassar

there ya go!! there’s a little glimpse into the musical world of libby!!

2. KJKEB - March 30, 2008


OK, so you have me hooked on some of these people on the list! I really like some of them.

I have decided that it is not contemporary Christian music that I have disliked all these years. It is the DJs on contemporary Christian stations! Because I clearly like some of this music!

(Who is Phil Vassar?)

3. Scott - March 31, 2008

My MP3 went through the wash and dry…..so it no longer plays anything. I am without MP3.

Before that though, I had sermons from several different Nazarene churchs on there and a Brian Mclaren conference at a Nazarene school. As for music, my music is probably a little heavy for your tastes, lol.

4. KJKEB - March 31, 2008

Scott, you may want to “open up” to some other music like I have! ;>) I really think you could become a big Bill Gaither fan!

5. Scott - March 31, 2008

I actually like the Gaithers. My main use for the MP3 was during working out. So, my tunes were mostly upbeat (I only had 2 gigs, lol) and sermon oriented. My musical tastes vary quite a bit, I enjoy Allison Krause quite a bit. Its the poppy music I don’t really like. I could handle some Gaither music during worship……but I won’t go there. I have been in the 60’s and 70’s mood of late.

I do miss my MP3 though……

6. Libby - March 31, 2008

phil vassar is a country guy. he re-makes some other people’s songs and sings some of his own too. its cool.

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